Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Feeling The Love

I know, I know it's only February 1st. But, I can't resist these adorable heart tops. I first saw this top when Liz tweeted a picture of the J.Crew catalog & from there I was hooked.There's a fine line between looking like a second grader and looking trendy with these- but I absolutely love them. And while I really adore that J.Crew blouse, the ASOS ones are a little budget friendlier. 
Are you liking this heart trend? 

Image 1 of Oasis Top With Heart PrintImage 1 of ASOS Angora Sweater With Heart
Silk boy shirt in heart throb

 one // two // three 


  1. Yes, I totally fell in love with that J. Crew heartthrob blouse when I saw it on Liz's blog this morning! I think it's so nice, the silk fabric and the abstract look of the hearts keeps it from looking too young. Totally want it-but not very budget friendly, as you said. The Asos ones are cute too!

  2. OMG that third photo- LOVE that top!!!!! Great photos. YAY for February! :)



  3. I completely agree -- J.Crew made hearts look chic and feminine without looking like you're in 3rd grade (an issue I have with hearts)

  4. I love that last blouse! I saw it in person and its really cute and classy looking, not grade school at all!

  5. that third one is my fav!

    xoxo navy & orange

  6. I am all over that black and red heart blouse! I hope I can snag one once it's on sale!