Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

My boyfriend and I don't typically make Valentine's Day a big deal . We usually will just grab dinner somewhere the weekend before (to avoid crowds) but I always like to get him a little something- just because. Also, my dad's 50th birthday is this Valentine's Day and I am struggling with the perfect gift to get him. I put together this list of gift ideas for the man/men in your life and all of it is under $80. Do you and your guy exchange gifts? If so, what are you planning on getting him this year- I'd really love to know.

Gift Guide

1. Kate Spade Money Clip - practical, affordable, and the adorable saying on it makes it unique. 
2. DODOcase- If your guy has an ipad, this is the case for him. It's designed to look like a book and can be used as a stand and also includes magnets to activate the auto wake/sleep function. 
3. His favorite spirit. My dad goes to Jamaica every year, and every year he raves about Appleton Rum- an affordable way to bring him back to the islands (sans the pricey plane ticket).
4. Silver Picture Frame- I'd put a photo from when we first started dating or a fun night out, a happy reminder he'll see daily. 
5. The North Face 'Divide'- You can't really go wrong with a North Face (and this one's only $80). It comes in this grey & a bright blue- perfect for the upcoming Spring weather. 
6. Jo Malone Cologne- The Wild Bluebell cologne is one of my favorite scents and the compact size is perfect for his collection.
7. Nike Gym Bag- perfect for the guy who has hitting the gym on his list of New Year's resolutions. 
8. DVD set- You can never go wrong with his favorite show on DVD or his favorite movie. I'd pair it with a gift card to his favorite restaurant & make it a date night. 


  1. I love that "nest egg" money clip! Good find.

  2. I really like the gym bag idea- my hubs could really use on of those!

  3. I always go for DVD sets. Such a safety net.

  4. You just gave me a wonderful idea for my anniversary- we had our share of Appleton rum in Jamaica for our honeymoon! These are all great ideas!

  5. This is a fab gifting guide! I need all the help I can get. LOL!

  6. Great ideas, love these! Thanks for the inspiration!


  7. These are all great gifts...your guy is lucky! We just try and plan something together...this year it's a couple's massage. Dinner out or cooking in. I think it's about being together!

  8. This is great--you really can't go wrong with a North Face. The BF and I don't do much, which honestly I really don't mind. I'll take food from anywhere and some fun company, and I'm all set.

  9. great gifts!! I love the dvd's idea - especially in the winter when you can cozy up and watch back to back episodes of a show:)

  10. Love this guide! I really like the top you have picked!! X