Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What I'd Wear {To Work}

Miranda Kerr
                      blouse // pants // heels // scarf //

The dress code at my work is very informal (jeans and gym shoes are acceptable attire). Most of the time that suits me just fine since I'm usually hopping out of bed at the last minute. The one problem with such a laid back atmosphere is that I don't have a ton of "work staples" in my closet since I would get very little use out of them. I know they always say to dress for the job you want to have, but I've found when I come to work in a blazer & heels I constantly get the question of "Why are you so dressed up?" In the new year I'm going to let that go out the window and attempt to dress up my work ensembles with a few dressy pieces and some casual ones, too. This outfit Miranda's wearing is the perfect combination of classy and casual. Do you have a dress code at work?

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  1. we also have a business casual dress code at work, but jeans aren't allowed. I typically dress on the dressier side as I was taught that same adage (dress for the job you want)... I love this outfit inspiration because it would totally be work appropriate but still has some style, which is something I always find difficult to showcase in traditional business attire!