Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Need, Want, Must Have

I start summer hours this week at work. Which means I can take half days on Friday's or work one full Friday and take a full Friday off. I can barely contain my excitement which is in return making this week feel like the longest of my life. I'm loving a lot of different things this week from a detailed LBD to bright orange shorts. I have to say my favorite thing on here is the Revlon lipstain- it has really become an essential in my makeup bag. It's perfect for a night out or a day at the beach. What are you loving this week?



  1. Can the clutch and the LBD come home with me? Wow those are all gorgeous! And lucky you with that work schedule, that would definitely keep me motivated!

  2. Really loving that LBD! Yay for 1/2 day Fridays or full Fridays off, that would be wonderful!