Thursday, June 7, 2012

Because I like you.

Today, I'll be brief. Because it's almost the weekend and well, I'm just not in a chatty mood today. I thought I'd share something I recently stumbled upon: EBATES. It is honestly the best thing that's ever come of my online shopping habit. It's free to sign up and all you do is visit your favorite stores via the website, buy something, and you receive cash back. I've already gotten $25 back and I've been on it for a week (don't judge me). 

Image Detail

Also, if you knew about this wonderful website and didn't tell me sooner- we're in a fight. Do any of you use it already? Or are there better sites out there? I'd really love to know. 

*This is in no way, shape, or form a sponsored post. I just wanted to be a nice person and save you money and encourage your online shopping problem.


  1. I've never heard of EBATES before! But you know I'm a member of rewardStyle and the only money I've made on it in like 3 months is what I've bought through my links. Kinda stinks! I'll have to check out EBATES! Thanks for the tip, Ash!

  2. Ok since no one else has admitted it, I will. I totally use ebates and I love it! So sorry friend, that is my only online trick I have though, wish I had told you sooner:)

  3. I use Ebates too ... it is amazing - I've made over $100 back from it!