Thursday, March 15, 2012


Every 5 days or so I get the urge to buy something. Quite frankly this is not good for anyone involved, particularly my bank account. This week I'm justifying it with "My birthday is on Monday.. I must need to buy every piece of Zara's spring collection" attitude. But still. It's a problem. Here are a few random things I want to buy but have no business purchasing: 

Miraclesuit® 'Jena' One Piece Swimsuit 
This one piece. Why do I want this? I wish I knew. I don't even wear one pieces. *Sigh*

Converse Chuck Taylor® Low Sneaker (Women) 
New Converse. I have 3 pairs of Converse already but somehow I need these Aqua Blue ones. Since I graduated college I have worn Converse maybe 3 times. What is wrong with me?

Farmer's market tote 

I'm going on vacation in (six!) weeks. Clearly I need to purchase this Farmer's Market Tote right this very moment or I won't be properly prepared for the beach. 
Limited Edition Petite Lucite Tray - Blush/Gold Glitter Chevron 
I'm sure you've all seen this Tilly Maison Tray. I plan to buy it today. I live with my parents and have absolutely no need for a tray. Maybe I'll host a party in my hot pink & lime green bedroom from 6th grade- who knows.

Diane von Furstenberg Opal Crisscross Wedge Sandals 
These will be the death of me. I have the look alike Steve Madden ones that I wore every day for 3 months straight last summer. Needless to say, they are ruined and Steve Madden no longer makes them. I need these shoes. I wake up every morning and swoon over them for 10 minutes. $300 too much? Never. Now I can't eat for 4 weeks. 

Does anyone else have this issue? Because I'm starting to think I need to find a Shoppers Anonymous program.


  1. I love that one piece! I think I need that tray in my life too!

  2. I want the DVF wedges as well! Im trying to find means to justify the purchase- i had some last summer by Jessica Simpson and they need replacing!

  3. oooo i love that tray so cute- and happy early birthday!