Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Currently Coveting: {Flat Sandals}

It's been extremely nice in Chicago yesterday and today (think almost 70!) and it has definitely put me in the mood for Spring. And while I know this weather will never last, I do have a trip coming up in about 8 weeks and plan to add a couple of my favorite things for spring to that suitcase. One of them being flat & strappy sandals. I especially love the pairs that combine luxe leather or suede with a metallic strap. And for less than $100 all of these are extremely budget friendly. I can picture myself wearing these with pretty much everything in my closet. Which pair is your favorite? I am thinking I need those Zara ones.

1.Zara Basic Sandal 2. Steve Madden Achilees 3. Zara Two-Tone Sandal 4. River Island Color Block Sandal 5. Topshop Frankie Cuff Sandal 6. ASOS Flame Leather Flat 7. H&M 8. ASOS Flossy Sandal 9. ASOS Fizz Sandal


  1. 1 and 8 are my faves! I know you must be getting so excited about your trip!!

  2. I'm loving the blue hues on #6 and #9! All of them are adorable! We've been having some spring like weather here in Columbus too! Loving it!

  3. I love flats sometimes! Nothing like comfort in the summer! xoxo A-

  4. Oh I love them all! Can't wait for summer now!

  5. I seriously can't wait to wear sandals...they are my go-to for spring/summer! I went to target yesterday and almost died...I wanted to buy every pair!

    Fab round-up girl!