Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday's Fancies: Team Spirit

I started this post yesterday and well, it pained me to finish it this morning. So, I'm just pretending the Badgers didn't lose yesterday- no biggie. For this week's Fridays Fancies {av} wanted us to focus on the NCAA tournament and create an outfit around our favorite team. I've told you of my love for Wisconsin sports before so it should come as no surprise that I chose an outfit comprised of red & white.

Game days in Madison are like nothing I've ever experienced before (I know, everyone says that about their school) but I've been to several other universities and although I am in fact 100% biased, I still believe Madison students do game days the best. I passed down my beloved bibs to a younger girl in my sorority before I graduated and sometimes I wish I still had those babies:

{RIP beloved overalls}

Anyways, now that I am a mature responsible adult (sometimes) I decided to go with a look that is actually socially acceptable to wear. I am on the hunt for a new pair of white jeans and am a firm believer you can wear them year round (no waiting for Memorial Day for me). I paired the white denim with a bright red top, a mint necklace, and wedges I am dying to purchase from Zara:

I feel like I've been celebrating my  birthday for 6 months at this point and I am sure you all are done hearing about it. However, tonight I have one (final) celebration with my college roommates and then a weekend of nothing- which is awesome considering I got three hours of sleep last night and I think I may take a nap under my desk. I hope you all have an amazing weekend! 

And as always, stop by Long Distance Loving for more game day inspiration! 


  1. Love your outfit picks! The red top is too pretty and love the shoes!! We are #54 in the list and had so much fun with this post. Hope you stop by our blog and check it out!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  2. Ummmm those bibs are awesome! What are you saying they aren't 'mature'! HAHAHA! Your 'responsible' outfit is quite fabulous! xoxo A-

  3. So sorry about your loss last night! You guys put up a crazy good fight! Love that red blouse paired with the mint necklace - very pretty!

  4. That's a really cute look! Enjoy a weekend of nothing, I really wish I had another one of those coming up!

  5. gorgeous collection- and yes, badgers do gameday BEST.

    WAIT. YOU GAVE UP YOUR BIBS?! WHAT!?! you're crazy!!!!!

  6. Such a fun picture of you and all of your friends and the outfit you designed is too cute! I love white jeans with pops of color and the mint green complement is fabulous with the coral. I hope you had a good week and are enjoying your weekend!
    Twirling Clare

  7. So cute - I am so jealous that you came up with something as fun as this! UMD wasn't even close to the action this year, so I'm jealous that you got to make an outfit this adorable!

    Hope your weekend was fabulous!