Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Nutella & Marshallow Pockets

I am not going to lie to you, my domestic skills are severely lacking. I don't usually cook dinner (unless it's a salad or something out of a box). Getting home at 6 and then having to cook dinner makes me feel stressed & hungry. But, I do love to bake. Cupcakes, pastries, you name it- I have a major sweet tooth. So when I found this recipe from Picky-Palate.com I knew I had to try them out. If you haven't been to her site ever, I suggest you head that way right this instant. She makes beautiful recipes that are incredibly simple for those that don't bake often (and her pictures will look much prettier than my phone photos :)). This recipe is a personal favorite since I had most of the ingredients & even if you don't- you can purchase it all for less than $10. 

I made no modifications to the recipe- so make sure you pop on over here for step-by-step instructions!
Also, make sure you really close up the pockets since I had a bit of trouble with the filling oozing out while baking in the oven. They were still absolutely amazing but, I will be keeping that in mind for the next time I make these. 


  1. This makes my mouth water. I must try this out!

  2. holy YUM! i want to make these so bad! just happened to stumble upon your blog, so glad i did!
    im your newest follower!

    xo, emily


  3. These look divine! I love finding an easy recipe for a sweet fix, of course the nutella doesn't hurt either...yumm!!

  4. Oh my goodness the perfect sweet little snack!

  5. OHHH MYYYY! these look amazing...trying these this weekend! xx

  6. O man, these look so yummy!

    PS Be sure to hop over and enter my giveaway!

  7. I love marshmallows!! I eat them plain all the time. Is that weird?

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

    1. Not at all! After I made these I had half a bag I almost devoured :)

  8. That sounds ridiculously good!



  9. oh gosh these look dangerously addicting...HAH and you're always saying my recipes make you hungry?!

  10. Oh my word- these look like they would be so addicting! xo