Thursday, October 18, 2012

Prepping For Cold Weather

Since the temps here in Chicago are definitely dropping, I thought I'd round up a few of my favorite coats for Fall. I snagged a Lauren Moffat coat in bright pink last year on super sale.. but I fully believe you can never have enough cute coats. Especially when that's pretty much all anyone sees of your wardrobe from November-March. 


Option 1: Coat Scarf Mittens Loafers
Option 2: Coat Scarf Gloves Flats
Option 3: Coat Scarf  Mittens Boots

Have you spotted any must-have coats lately? Would love to hear about them. Even though I can't buy any for another 13 days of course, :). 


  1. I have a red peacoat that I've been wearing lately. I think color is a must for winter coats!



  2. Love, love, love option 3! Plum + mustard is a perfectly fall combination.

  3. The weather is so cool now. Perfect collection of winter dresses. I love the coats and shoes in winter season. Your winter outfits are so strong that I can't ignored. Loving all.........