Friday, October 19, 2012

Happy {Friend & Family} Friday!

Happy Friday, friends! I am feeling super guilty so I am here to confess- I bought that orange bag and that bow ring from the Kate Spade sale this morning. I couldn't help myself. The bag was only $100 (down from $350) and it felt too good to be true. Judge away. I give you permission. However, I did in fact pay off my last credit card bill- in full. It took quite a bit of time to save up (and now I'm broke until next pay day) but it feels so good to be debt free; Aside from my massive student loan debt. But, hey. I'm chalking it up as a win.


Bag // Wallet // Ring // Bracelet // Blouse // Earrings

The best thing about all of these picks (w/ the exception of the bow ring because it was too cute not to post) is that all of this is already on sale PLUS and additional 30%. Talk about a steal. Will you be partaking in the sale this weekend? What would you get? 


Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! xx


  1. Kate Spade bag for $100?? I would have caved too :) No judgement here!!

  2. Ohhh you have inspired me to peruse Kate Spade... not that I need another bag or anything! Happy Friday xox

  3. I think the orange bag is a great find!! Love the bow ring too!

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