Friday, August 31, 2012

So long, Summer

Happy Friday! Even though I'm sure it will stay fairly hot outside for a few more weeks, it definitely feels like the end of summer. No more half-day Friday's for me.. sad. As much as I love fall (and fall clothes) I could use about 3 more months of 90 degrees because as soon as it's Fall here in Chicago.. well, it might as well snow. 

This weekend I'm watching my little brother and sister while my parents are in Sonoma, CA drinking wine and enjoying many delicious looking cheese trays. They've already sent me about 500 photos to make me jealous. I'm totally expecting a case of wine when they return. 

But besides babysitting, I'll be: 

- Checking out Toby Keith's new bar outside of Chicago with the boy and a few friends. 
- Continuing my 15K training with a 2 mile run (this may seem like a short distance but with a slight hangover from tonight I'm sure it will feel like 10 miles). 
-Watching my first Badger game of the season- with a bloody mary in hand. 
- Attending a baby shower for my cousin and spending QT with the fam. 
- Sneaking a few minutes by the pool to enjoy some end of summer sunshine.

What are you up to this weekend?


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Enjoy :) xo

  2. I agree! The start of fall always leaves me with mixed emotions. So happy but so sad at the same time ....

  3. Enjoy it! Yall are lucky you'll get cooler weather... it will stay disgustingly hot and humid here until at least October :(