Thursday, December 22, 2011

Decorating on a Budget {via Live Creating Yourself}

I recently stumbled upon the blog Live Creating Yourself which combines everything you'd ever want in a blog & more. One post I found particularly fascinating was one in which she explains where she purchased everything to decorate her home. It is by no means a "How-to" decorate, but just looking at the feel of her apartment inspires me to search hard for the perfect design aesthetic in my own home. I love that most of it is from craigslist and vintage stores- I never knew what great things you could find at either of these sources. Take a peek for yourself- it most certainly does not disappoint. 

The rug and the bookshelf in the living room are my favorites.

I am dying to try the DIY version of dining room chairs.

I really enjoy the idea of mixing up the table & chairs, much more chic.

A simple black wall becomes the focal point of the room, along with a great gallery wall.

I cannot believe those lamps are from JcPenney, I'm now on the hunt for my own.

Wood furniture found in thrift stores {like dressers and chairs} are an easy DIY and typically better quality than anything you'll find at IKEA.


  1. Stunning. I've always wanted an all white house.

  2. awesome idea she had by tagging where everything is from!!
    xo dana

  3. I'm scared of living in a white house!
    It's so pristine & perfect. :]