Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fall Trend- The LBD


Living in the Midwest, I have always been more of a jeans girl. It's just easier- especially when half the year it's below 50 degrees and there is snow on the ground. That being said, this past summer I really tried to focus on buying a few dresses- primarily due to their ease. Now that Fall is just around the corner, I am on the hunt for a LBD (can you believe I do not own one currently? Nuts.) and I plan to purchase one with a little detail to make it unique. Whether it be a little leather detailing or a peter pan collar, I hope to find something that is timeless but still has a little something special to it. Any LBD's you're loving lately? Please share!


  1. I love the collared version- I've been looking for one all over!

    Life Unsweetened

  2. i adore that leather long sleeved mini!! it's perfect for fall.
    fancy {no}pants

  3. Piperlime has some pieces that I love plus I can use my Banana Rewards there :)