Thursday, May 3, 2012

Guest Post: Miss Dixie

Last but certainly not least is Katie from Miss Dixie! Katie was kind enough to agree to post even though she just went on a trip of her own last weekend, too! Her blog is full of shopping tidbits, interiors, and many other things but my favorite part about her blog is all of the personal touches she adds. You should see how she decorated her laundry room and how gorgeous her wedding was. But seriously, if you haven't seen them go right now. Thank you again Katie, you're the best! 

Hey everyone, it's Katie from Miss Dixie! I was so thrilled that Ashley asked me to guest post for her while she is away in Mexico. She is one of the most stylish bloggers I've encountered and I always love looking at her wish lists! Ashley and I both had vacations planned within just a few days of each other, so needless to say I think we know what has been on our minds for a while! Since packing is fresh on my mind, I thought I would share a few of my carry on essentials.

Much to my husband's chagrin I like to carry on a lot of things onto the airplane. He is good to go with his book and ipod, I have a mini version of what I use every single day all packed into one bag. Or two. Usually I end up overflowing into his carry on :) Most of these things would fit in a decent size tote bag that could double as your small carry on. I like to reserve the other carry on for at least a days worth of clothing, just in case. 

Lilly Pulitzer Scarf- I have to bring a scarf on a plane whether it is summer or winter. I own several of the Murfee Scarf because they are a great weight and brighten up any outfit. Re-tie it once you are landing and you look instantly freshened.

Eos Strawberry Lip Balm- I hate to have chapped lips and since I bought this little guy I can't stop reapplying it!

Kate Spade Socks- I always need socks because inevitably my feet get cold. During the summer I bring a pair strictly for flight time- I don't care if they match or not, my feet will be warm.

Natures Valley Granola Bars- This is my breakfast several days a week and when I travel I bring them with me as well. I would rather have one of these than breakfast at the airport.

Kate Spade Small Bag- I hate to be the one rooting through my bag constantly because I can't find anything, so a smaller bag that holds your tiny things works well to organize.

Stella McCartney Perfume- My favorite of all time, I can never grow tired of it! I always feel better after getting off a flight with a bit of perfume.

Earrings- I always keep my jewelry close to me in my carry on instead of checking it.

Propel Zero- I am hooked on these packets- just add one to a bottle of water. I do this every morning when I work out and they are packed with vitamins, and alos good for hydrating on an airplane and energizing. I don't travel with out them!

iPod Nano- My husband bought me this last summer and I love the small size! It holds all my music and is so minimal to pack.

Lilly Pulitzer Trellis Tote- I blogged about this one a few weeks ago, and I still love it. It seems to be the perfect size for when you want a bigger handbag, but not over the top huge.

Oh, and I can't forget some good reading material, that is an absolute must! I hope you all enjoyed a peek at what I travel with these days. Did I miss anything? I would love to hear your essentials and please, stop by Miss Dixie anytime and say hello! 

A huge thank you to Ashley today for having me...
I hope she is having an absolute blast in Mexico right now! 



  1. I love what you pack for the plane, but you've got nothing on me!! haha I always pack my purse AND carry on bag as full as I can with everything so I don't have to check one if I don't have to. That's a good idea bringing a healthy bar for breakfast so you don't get sucked into the tempting breakfasts at starbucks or the airport!! :)

  2. First, the tote itself is fabulous! I've never tried the Propel, I'll have to check it out! Thanks for your tips, Katie!

  3. I agree about a scarf in the carry-on ... that's my must-have! I also always pack my Kindle and a magazine (gotta have the magazine for the times when electronics must be off). Great guest post!