Thursday, July 19, 2012


 I've been perusing the Nordstrom site since the early access to the Anniversary Sale started. There are about 100 things I want but when it came down to it, I definitely had to make some cuts since I don't want to live at home until I'm 30. But, while I was shopping I came across a dilemma- is it better to splurge on a timeless piece (for me, this Burberry coat) or is it better to get a bunch of things you really like that aren't as expensive. How do you shop? I ended up coming home with the Burberry coat (I hope it fits!) and the wallet, scarf and shirt. Did you get anything from the Nordstrom sale yet?


I can't post the links to these items yet because the sale doesn't go live until tomorrow, but I will as soon I as I can. 


  1. That burberry coat is gorgeous! And you're right, so timeless, I bet you'll love it for life!

  2. I like the pink purse or so called handbag, I love its color and looks really cute, my favorite! And if you like Retro leather shoulder bags you can also try then at