Thursday, November 17, 2011

Holiday Dress Hunt: ASOS Edition

If you've never shopped on ASOS you definitely need to start. The selection is overwhelming and the price points are fabulous. The best thing about the site is that you can search by sleeve length, color, style, etc- which makes finding the perfect party dress a piece of cake! I am currently on the prowl for a couple Holiday/NYE dresses and all of these are in the running. Happy Shopping! 


  1. Love this site! I just never know what size to buy, and I always start to go through the purchase order and then stop because I don't know if it will fit. Is it pretty true to size?

  2. I've ordered primarily dresses (and a few swimsuits) from them and I find that it runs very small. Their sizing guide is a very useful tool and I typically look at the UK size chart for my measurements and then apply it to the US sizes. For example, if I have a bust size of 34- then I'm a UK 10 and a UK 10 there translates to a US 6. I ordered 2 from this post and they worked out great! xx